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The fabric on upholstered furniture requires regular cleaning for good maintenance, however cleaning upholstery can be a little tricky, especially if the material is sensitive or delicate, such as silk, leather, and 100% cotton. Carpet Cleaning Seattle's cleaning services are a useful way to ensure that your upholstery looks as beautiful as it did on the day you brought into the house.

Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Seattle's cleaning services will:

  • Use appropriate and 100% natural and biodegradable cleaning supplies for your particular material
  • Remove stains, spills, and oil (left over from body perspiration, hair, etc.)
  • Extract allergens, dust, dander, and soil from your upholstered material
  • Rejuvenate the material under the dirt and stains
  • Be quick yet effective
  • Achieve the promised results

Regardless of the type of material on your chairs, couches or any other upholstered piece of furniture, our cleaning professionals can clean up and restore your furniture without leaving behind problems or ruining the fabric.

Spectacular Results

Regular professional cleaning can maintain your upholstered material for a longer period of time and ensure that old stains do not return in the future. Depending on the material the process of cleaning can vary, and in some cases the best cleaning option is physical scrubbing. Our Carpet Cleaning Seattle cleaners know how to handle our industrial equipment but will do the work by hand should the case arise.

Upholstered furniture requires regular cleaning to maintain the appearance and general cleanliness of the furniture. Hiring a cleaning professional not only saves you the time and the headache, it also guarantees the results you want!

Refreshing your life beginning with your upholstery today. Call us for a free price estimate!


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